§1 Name
(1) The name of the association is “Center for Qualitative Psychology.”
(2) After it is officially registered, the words “eingetragener Verein” (registered non-profit organization, abbreviated e.V.) will be added.
§2 Location
The official address of the association is in Tübingen, Germany.
§3 Purpose of the Association
The purpose of the non-profit CQP is
• to serve as a European network with an international perspective on qualitative research in psychology, pedagogy and related fields
• to support a broad spectrum of methodologies, methods and epistemological perspectives on psychological research and methodology
§4 Workshops
(1) The association holds workshops regularly.
(2) These workshops take place regularly on weekends, at various locations.
(3) Childcare will be provided at each workshop.
(4) The theme for each workshop is chosen by the participants at the previous workshop.
(5) A General Assembly is included in the schedule for each workshop.
§ 5 Registration
The association will be registered.
§6 Becoming a member
(1) Any natural person who is capable of entering into a contract is eligible to become a member.
(2) Membership results from joining the association.
(3) Applications for membership must be made to the association in writing.
(4) The General Assembly decides on acceptance or rejection. The delivery of a written membership statement establishes membership.
(5) Applicants who are rejected have no right to appeal.
(6) The association is under no obligation to accept members.
§ 7 Resignation of members
(1) Members can resign from the association.
(2) Resignation requires written notice and will only become effective during the four-week period before the end of the fiscal year.
(3) A notice of resignation must be made in writing. Such a notice will be considered to have met the deadline if it has reached a board member by the required date.
§8 Disqualification of members
(1) Membership can also end through disqualification.
(2) Disqualification will only be invoked for important reasons.
(3) A decision to disqualify a member will be made by the General Assembly, following a request.
§ 9 Membership Fee
(1) Members pay an annual membership fee, which is reviewed annually by the Board.
(2) The fee must be paid annually, in advance. For the first year of membership, the full annual fee will be charged.
§ 10 Structure of the association
The Association shall be governed by
-the Board
-the General Assembly.
§ 11 Board
(1) The Board consists of 3 members who are responsible for the following tasks:
• President: represents the Center to the public and ensures that workshops are being offered.
• Communication Chair: is responsible for the Center’s internet site.
• Financial Chair: manages the Center’s finances.
(2) The Board delegates the running of workshops to various members who are chosen by the General Assembly.
(3) The Board is elected from within the General Assembly for a period of 3 years. It remains in charge until a new board is elected.
(4) Board membership ends if a member leaves the association.
§12 Limits to the power of the board
The General Assembly must approve mandates exceeding a limit of 5000 Euro, especially if a loan is involved.
§13 General Assembly
The General Assembly will be convened
- during the annual meetings
- within two months after a board member leaves
- if it is in the interest of the association.
- The Board will call a special meeting when at least 10 percent of the Association’s members request it in writing and provide a reason.
§ 14 Procedures for convening the General Assembly
(1) Invitations to a meeting of the General Assembly must be provided in writing at least 14 days in advance. Invitations are sent to the last known address of each member.
(2) Invitations to the General Assembly must include the agenda for the meeting.
§ 15 Protocol for decision-making
(1) Decisions by the General Assembly are documented in writing.
(2) The documentation must be signed by the meeting chair. If a given meeting has more than one chair, the chair of the previous meeting will sign the documentation.
Note: This is a translation of the German Version. Some modifications could be inserted.


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