All published workshop proceedings are available at the PsyDok (Volltextserver der Virtuellen Fachbibliothek Psychologie).

Or download the cover and the index in pdf format:

Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 13: New Perspectives on Qualitative Research (2015)
Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 12: Conflicts in Qualitative Research (2014)
Qualitative Psychology Nexus Vol. 11: Building Bridges (2013)
Values and Diversity in Qualitative Research (2012)
Beyond Text: Video and other Medium Use in Qualitative Research (2012)
Qualitative Psycholgy Nexus Vol. VIII: Epistemologies for Qualitative Research (2011)
Qualitative Approaches in the Field of Psychology (2008)
Qualitative psychology in the changing academic context (2008)
Mixed Methodology In Psychological Research (2007)
Nexus Qualitative Psychology, Vol. V: Generalization in Qualitative Psychology (2007)
Nexus Qualitative Psychology, Vol. IV: Areas of Qualitative Psychology — Special Focus on Design (2005)
Qualitative Psychology Nexus, Vol. III: Research Questions and Matching Methods of Analysis (2003)
Nexus Qualitative Psychology, Vol. II: The Role of the Researcher in Qualitative Psychology (2002)
Qualitative Psychology Nexus, Vol. I: Qualitative Research in Psychology (2004)


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